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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

1200+ cookies made today by Ace-It students at Burnaby Central

Brandon is working the shortbread
Chef Wade's students are busy with catering. We had alot of fun making approx. 1200 cookies for catering and the students are delightful.
Fun to be back in my old school helping out.
Chef's program is a course for grade 11's and 12's and these students receive high school credits while also completing Professional Cook "C of Q - Level 1"

to-die-for Chocolava Cookies...  perfect batch by Patrick

chocolava cookies

Tanisha and Justin are making my delicious oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies - 600 in total

Jovan is really getting into the dough

My sister Monica is having fun with the students making tons of cookies

Ms Fernandez and Chu

Tanisha measures out the coconut for the cookies
Brittany is finishing off her biscotti 

great job on the sugar cookies Diana 
Kyle is getting the trays of cookies ready to bake

Monica, my sister and Tanisha are scooping the last of the 600 oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies

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