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Monday, 31 October 2016

Superstore Click & Collect Grocery Shopping - Amazing

It is 8:37 am Monday morning and I am enjoying my second cup of coffee in bed.
But, I have just finished my grocery shopping and I haven't even left my home
and I pick up today!
The process of signing up for online grocery shopping is new so therefore
a bit of a pain, but once you sign up and you have linked your PC rewards card
it is as easy as 'click & collect".
I am picking up my groceries between 3-5pm today and the friendly staff
put the groceries in the car for you.
The best feature is that on your screen you see all the choices available
and the prices including all the can't get any easier.
If your Superstore location choice is the Seymour store in North Vancouver
talk to Brennan who should
be 'employee of the year'...nice young man, very helpful and knows what he is
talking about.
Good luck everyone.


Online Grocery Shopping Now Available at Superstore

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