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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Children Baking in Vernon...can't get any better!

Happiness is...

There is nothing more enjoyable than being in the kitchen with children who are so eager to learn, bake, and to eat cookies. These chocolava cookies (click here to go to the recipe)  are easy and tasty and perfect for children wanting to bake. At the end of the mixing the dough gets a little hard to handle so we helped out with that part. We used teaspoons to portion out the cookies ....the goal is to have all cookies the same size so that they all bake at the same rate. 

Today's young bakers... Tristyn, Carson & Jaida

Tristan reading the recipe out loud while we organize our ingredients.

Halle says "Mommy, when is it my turn?" 
carefully measuring all the dry ingredients 
Jaida measures the flour correctly
Carson measuring the vanilla

Carson's turn to mix the cookie dough

Before we start scooping the cookies to bake we watch the video of Carl scooping the cookies and rolling them in icing sugar (click here to go directly to that video on YouTube)

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