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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Spicy Tomato Clam Vegetable Soup

Every once in a while you want a healthy dinner but don't want to go through the motions of a big, multi-course meal.  The solution ...a big pot of tasty vegetable soup with clams and a little twist. To enhance the flavours of all these nutritious veggies, I have added serrano peppers and a small rind of parmesan cheese (see photo below). These two additions are so tasty and when added to this combination of super foods the result is so amazing.  Yummy is all I can say and this soup is so easy to make and is prepared and ready in under half an hour. Please enjoy and don't forget if you have any questions about cooking in general or about any of my recipes please email me at

Recipe Title:  Spicy Tomato Clam Vegetable Soup

Original Recipe By:  Miriam Borys

Servings: 6

1 large onion – diced
2 carrots – peeled & diced
1 red pepper – diced
3-4 large garlic cloves – diced
2 tbsp. anchovies (paste or fillets)
1-2 tbsp. serrano pepper – diced small
½ medium sized cauliflower (2 cups) – washed & cut into small florets
796 ml can diced tomatoes
794 ml can water (use water to rinse out tomato tin)
142 g can whole baby clams
540ml can bean medley – drained & rinsed in strainer with cold water
1 tbsp. vegetable soup stock base
500 ml vegetable stock
1 square inch parmesan rind[i]  (see photo below)
salt & pepper to taste

On medium heat sauté onions, carrots, red pepper, garlic, anchovies and serrano pepper.
When onions are transparent add cauliflower and sauté for 2 additional minutes.
Add diced tomatoes, water, clams, bean medley, soup base, vegetable stock and parmesan rind.
Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium and continue to simmer for 20 minutes. Remove parmesan rind before serving.
Serve hot with fresh bread or crackers.

[i] fresh parmesan cheese comes naturally with a thick rind.  I save the rind and store in the freezer or fridge to use as a flavor additional for soups, sauces & stews.
Parmesan Cheese & Rind

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