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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mixed Seafood a-la-king

By: Miriam Borys
Velouté sauce
4 tbsp. butter
4 tbsp. flour
4 cups stock of choice (vegetarian, chicken, turkey, fish)
Cracked pepper
1 pkg.(12 oz.)  Mixed seafood (octopus, squid, clams, cooked mussels, prawns)
1 cup frozen & thawed baby peas or peas & carrots
1.     In a saucepan, melt the butter over a medium heat until it bubbles. Do not burn.
2.    Stir the flour into the melted butter a little bit at a time, until it is fully incorporated, giving you a pale-yellow-colored paste. This paste is called a roux. Cook the roux for 2 minutes until it has turned a light golden blonde color.
3.    Using a whisk add stock to the roux, whisking vigorously to make sure it's free of lumps.
4.    Simmer
5.    The sauce should reduce by about 1/3.
6.    Stir frequently to make sure the sauce doesn't burn
7.    The sauce should be smooth and velvety. If it's too thick, whisk in a bit more hot stock.
8. Rinse the assorted seafood in a wire mess strainer three times to remove sand or grit.
9. When Velouté is reduced add seafood and cook until prawns are pink and seafood is cooked. This takes only three minutes. Do not overcook the seafood.
10. Serve on a bed of rice or in a Vol-au-Vent shell (French name for a puff pastry shell with a lid)

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